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Central Vacuum Tool Kits

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Selecting the proper central vacuum attachment set is just as important as choosing your central vacuum power unit. Your home will be cleanest when matching your hose and cleaning tools with your power unit and flooring. The amount of carpet versus hard flooring, along with the overall suction power of the power unit will determine the best tool choices for your cleaning needs. We look forward to assisting you in determining the best attachment kit options for your home or business.

Are our tool sets compatible with your existing vacuum system?

YES! 99% of central vacuums, no matter the brand, are "plug-and-play" with any of the kits below.

If you have any questions at all, please give us a call at Riggs Electronics .

Stealth Central Vacuum Kit

Stealth Kit

The Stealth Kit is at the top of its class for durability, control, and power. For consumers wanting the industry's best, the Stealth is the right choice for all of your cleaning needs.

  • Italian Made, Super Durable
  • Quietest Brush on the Market
  • Integrated Telescopic Wand
  • Lifetime Belt Warranty
  • One Pass Debris Pick-up

Kit includes extra wands and top-quality horse-hair attachments, the Axis double-swivel floor tool, and the dual-voltage hose with 3-way switch on the handle.

Complete 360 Central Vacuum Kit

Complete 360 Deluxe Kit

The Complete 360 Kit is ideal for anyone looking for a well-built, powerful brush head with a bright LED headlight. Plus, its large wheels and pivot and swivel neck make rotation and maneuverability a breeze. The Complete 360's most popular features include:

  • A Sculpted Brush Roll
  • LED Headlight
  • Five Height Adjustment
  • Pivot and Swivel Neck
  • Integrated Telescopic Wand

Kit includes two plastic wands, the crevice tool, upholstery and dusting brushes, 12" floor brush, and storage tools. Comes with black accessories.

BlackHawk Kit for central vacuum systems.

BlackHawk Kit

The BlackHawk Kit delivers all the benefits of an electric brush. Clean carpet deeper and more powerfully than with an air-driven brush. Keep your home as clean as it can be with all the features of the BlackHawk Kit.

  • Quieter than Air Driven
  • Powerful Motor
  • Bright Headlight
  • Deep Cleaning
TurboCat Kit for your Central Vacuum System

TurboCat Kit

The TurboCat is the industry's best air-turbine cleaning head. It has the cleaning power of rotating bristles without the inconvenience or cost of an electrical cord. The light-weight hose employs an on/off switch on the handle.

  • Low Profile & Lightweight
  • Tufted Brush Bristles
  • Cogged Belt
  • Non-marking Bumper

Hide-A-Hose TurboCat Kit

Same as TurboCat but the kit does not contain a hose. This kit connects to the retractable Hide-A-Hose vacuum hose.

Hide-A-Hose In-wall Vacuum
Basic Kit for your Central Vacuum System

Basic Kit

The Basic Kit provides the necessities for cleaning your home. The kit includes the Basic Hose and other helpful accessories.

  • 12" Deluxe Floor Brush
  • 30' Basic Hose
  • Horsehair Dusting Brush
  • Crevice Tool
  • Chrome wands
  • Tool Caddy
  • Hose hanger
  • 6" Upholstery Tool
Garage Kit for your Central Vacuum System

Garage Kit

Use your central vacuum to clean your garage, vehicles, porch, eaves, walkway, boat, and more! The hose plugs directly into any wall inlet or vacuum unit utility valve.

  • Tools for Concrete Floors, Cars, etc.
  • Available with either a 30 ft or 50 ft hose
  • Available in Basic or Ultimate (with RugRat Air Turbine Tool)
Stretch Hose Kit for your Central Vacuum System

Stretch Hose Kit

Easily clean up kitchen spills, dirty mud rooms, or touch-up bathrooms using the Stretch Hose. The Stretch Hose even fits into a drawer, so it can be easily stored near high traffic areas.

  • Hose Stretches from 7 feet to 30 feet
  • Easy to Store, Retrieve, and Use
  • Cleaner Home with Less Hassle
  • Includes Telescopic Wand and Deluxe Floor Brush
Essentials Central Vacuum Kit

Essentials Kit

The brand-new Surface-Pro Turbo Brush takes quality and performance to the next level. The unique design of the Surface-Pro Turbo Brush allows a smooth transition from carpets to hard floors for complete cleaning.

  • Redesigned Peformance Turbine
  • Reactive Pivot/Swivel Neck
  • Easily Accessible Maintenance Door
  • Air Relief Slider for Thicker Carpets
  • Self-Adjusting Brush Rool

Kit includes wand and top-quality horse-hair attachments, the Axis double-swivel floor tool, and the low-voltage hose.

CX-1000 Central Vacuum Kit

CX-1000 Kit

The brand-new CX1000 Kit is the ultimate upgrade for a retractable hose system. The ultra strong battery provides deep carpet cleaning that is unmatched by traditional turbine power brushes. Prolong the life of your carpets by using the CX1000 with your Hide-A-Hose.

  • 44 Volt Lithium Ion Battery with 1-Hour Run Time
  • Quick 2-Hour Charge Time
  • Squeegee for Bare Floor Cleaning
  • LED Headlight
  • Rubber Wheels and Bumper to Protect Furnishings

Kit includes extra wand and top-quality horse-hair attachments.